Curtain Cleaning

Curtain Cleaning

Curtains are often neglected in our home. You will not be surprise that many of Best Wash customers have hang it there for years. Can you imagine how much dust have been trapped if you don’t send it for curtain cleaning? The dust collected could have been causing allergic reaction to your family and children. In addition, the dust trapped in your curtains make your laundry difficult.

After a hard and tiring week, you would find it stressful to do laundry at weekend. Curtain cleaning is probably one of the most tiring laundry to do during the weekends. In addition, metal rings, hooks and fittings in your curtain have to be properly remove. Dismantling them are just plain tough. Not knowing the suitable type of wash to be given for curtains, you are having a high chance of damaging them.

Curtain cleaning for blackout curtains is difficult as it is made with a combination of materials and it could be really stressful. Even with properly labelled laundry instruction for the curtains, it is important to access your curtain condition before trying to clean the curtain. Therefore, contact Best Wash laundry professional and we will provide the most suitable wash for your curtain.  Also, if your curtain label suggested curtain dry cleaning, it is best for you to engage Best Wash laundry professional.

Contacting Best Wash

Doing laundry your curtains is easy, call Best Wash @ 9798 0769 to check out on the rates and pick up schedule. Next, the collected laundry is immediately weighted and with no hidden cost.

Best Wash provides curtain laundry pickup and delivery services right at your doorstep at affordable price! In addition, dismantling and installation of the curtain are included.

Sit back, relax and leave your laundry to us and do other more important things. We ensure 100% satisfaction.

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Price list table

Clothings / Household Items Laundry Price Dry Clean Price
Shirt $4.00 $8.00
Blouse $4.00 $8.00
Jacket (Ladies / Men) $5.50 / $6.50 $10 / $12.00
Sweater / Cardigan $4.00 $12.00
T-Shirt $3.00 $6.00
Jeans / Trousers / Pants $4.00 $7.00
Skirt $3.50 $7.00
Dress:short / long (min) $6.00 / $7.50 $10 / $13
Punjabi suit $11.00 $18.00
Winter Coat (min) $12.00 $24.00
Evening Gown - $20.00-$45.00
Baju Kurung - $18.00
Kebaya - $18.00
Saree - $18.00
Trench Coat / Overcoat - $24.00
Load Wash / with fold $5KG/$7KG -
Comforter /Quilt (S/Q/K) $8.00/$10.00/$12.00 $14.00/$16.00/$18.00
Quilt Cover (S/Q/K) $5.00/$6.00/$7.00 $13.00/$14.00/$15.00
Bedsheet $3.00/$4.00/$5.00 $13/$17
Bedspread / Bed cover $8.00 $16.00
Pillowcase / Bolster case $1.00 $4.00
Towel Blanket $5.00-$7.00 $12.00
Curtains $7.9 per kg $9.9 per kg
Cushion Cover (S/M/L) $3.00/$4.00/$5.00 $8.00/$10.00/$12.00
Sofa Cover (S/M/L) $14.00/$18.00/$22.00 $20.00/$24.00/$28.00
Carpet / Rug $2.50 per sq.ft -
Stuff Toys - $10.00-$60.00

Terms and Conditions

  1. All articles must be claimed within one month from date of receipt.
  2. Customers are to check items upon delivery. $10 transport surcharge will be imposed for request to pick up/return unsatisfactory or missing items. Claims made after 48 hours will not be valid.
  3. No liability can be accepted for defects or damage becoming apparent after treatment which are due to defective manufacture or deterioration caused by wear and tear.
  4. Liability for lost or damaged is limited to the fair value of the article (maximum S$100) at the time it was received. Fair value takes into depreciation in value due to age, fashion, usage, and shall not exceed(5x) the regular service charge for each article. Claims have to be made within two days upon delivery.
  5. Stains will be removed at the customer’s risk and complete removal may not be always possible.
  6. All ornaments and buttons like plastic, glass, metal types, etc, must be removed by customers before cleaning. Best Wash will not bear responsibility for lost of any item or parts of garment.
  7. Customers are reminded that it is an offence under the Quarantine and Prevention of Disease Ordinance to send bedding, clothing or other articles which have been in contact with infectious diseases to a public wash house.
  8. Door-to-door laundry service with a minimum of $ 50 order. Less than $50, $10 transport charges applies.
  9. Clothes will be collected at agreed time & location.
  10. Delivery will be made within 4 working days. Turnaround time may be extended during peak season (eg. During Festive Seasons like Chinese New Year etc)
  11. Delivery personnel will call before delivery. If there is no pick up, he/she  will not attempt to deliver.
  12. Return within 72 hours @ 50% additional charge
  13. Return within 48 hours @ 100% additional charge
  14. Return within 24 hours @ 200% additional charge